Looking up your router IP address

Every now and then you may need to find the IP address of your home router. Maybe it’s to troubleshoot a connection issue, change a setting, or reboot. For some people, just finding the router address is a problem in itself.

Access to your router requires identifying it by name or IP address. Most home routers use the IP address You can always try that and see if it works.

If your router was installed by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), they have your router’s IP address. Give them a call and ask for the router IP. The ISP may provide a list of IP addresses so remember to listen for or something similar.

When all else fails, you can look up the IP address with a few basic commands.

For Windows computers, the router will be labeled as the Default Gateway. Open a command window and type “ipconfig”. This will display a list of IP addresses. Look for on the line marked “default gateway”.

For Mac users, the router IP address is labeled as Router. If your OS is Snow Leopard, go to your Network Preferences. Click on the Advanced button and then the TCP/IP tab. Again, the router IP address will be labeled Router.

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